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Are you aware of the call flow diagrams? Yes, you are right they are related to call flow only but it is not all. Call flow diagram are used to represent the call flow in a system. It is a graphical representation of the call flow so that the users can understand easily. Some of the call flow diagrams also represent the cycle of calls in a network.

Call flow diagrams are used extensively in call center and in offices where there is dialog business. To create a call flow diagram we need to have standard information regarding the call flow so that it can be recorded and used as data for call flow diagram. In some cases, we use call flow editor to create call flow diagrams. Call flow diagrams are used to find the paths for call flow to distribute the call flow properly. For example- if in a call center dealing with sales of cell phone connections receives fifty percent calls for one-month connection and only twenty percent calls for a connection for a year. Then using the call flow diagram based analysis we can distribute the call flow accordingly to ease the workload of callers with one-month connection requirement. Many experts believe that it is better to have a single call flow diagram as it makes understanding the broader concept easy and is easy to maintain.

There are varieties of structures in which the call flow diagrams may be represented or displayed. call flow diagrams may have a sequential structure or tree structure depending upon the situation. We can gain useful information irrespective of the structure of call flow diagram. A call flow diagram may have information in a broader context or may include detailed information like specifications of call flow and other details. Sometimes the call flow diagrams are modularized to reduce the complexity of situation.

Call flow diagrams are very helpful in discovering errors or problems in call flow. Pictorial representation allows us to easily visualize large number of calls and ascertain problem at any end. This makes the monitoring of call flow easy and thus helps in better management. Moreover, call flow diagrams helps in maintaining the record of the call flow in case there is a need to refer to the call flow information we have done in the past. It is always good practice to use call flow diagrams if you are dealing with large number of dialogs or is monitoring call flow. This would help you in performing better with less stress and would enhance your skills or capability.

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