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There is no doubt that technological developments have changed the way in which organizations operate. Digitization and computerization of processes drive both effectiveness and efficiency. A business environment experiences changes every day. Therefore, it is more dependent on updating information. The flow of information needs to be easily manageable so one can create, exchange, use and reuse this information. Hence, an important repository of knowledge in an organization would be automated processes that are easy to create, store and reuse.

As the name suggests, Data Flow Diagram (DFD) is an illustration that explicates the passage of information in a process. A DFD can be easily drawn using simple symbols. Additionally, complicated processes can be easily automated by creating DFDs using easy-to-use, free downloadable diagramming tools. A DFD is a model for constructing and analyzing information processes. DFD illustrates the flow of information in a process depending upon the inputs and outputs. A DFD can also be referred to as a Process Model. A DFD demonstrates business or technical process with the support of the outside data saved, plus the data flowing from the process to another and the end results.

There are many software packages for automatic creation of DFDs and process models for various platforms. DFDs can be created using several methodologies or notations such as Structured Systems Analysis and Design Method (SSADM), Metrica, Yourdon/DeMarco, and Gane & Sarson methodologies. Most of the software available in the market support these notations. Visual case is an analysis, modeling, and designing tool. Complex as well as simple DFDs can be created using Visual Case, which provides a user-friendly diagramming environment. A model for the flow of control and data can be created using Visual Case. Notes and labels can be attached to make a process model more comprehendible using Visual Case Diagram Tool.

EDGE Diagrammer is another diagramming tool. EDGE provides ready-to-use drag-and-drop shapes and arrowheads and diagram templates. The software automatically connects lines and figures with arrows, and labels these lines. EDraw is another DFD tool with different versions such as Context Diagrams (Level 0) and Partitioned Diagrams (single process). Other easily available DFD tools include Dia diagramming software; Microsoft Visio-a diagramming software for Microsoft Windows; UModel® 2007; ConceptDraw; and SILVERRUN Business Data and Process Modeling, Software Re-engineering and CASE Tool from Grandite.

DFD templates, symbols and samples are also provided with these tools; these ready-to-use templates and symbols will enable rapid designing of important complicated DFDs and process models.

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